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00_21-2021-2022-Class-Photos 01 21-Bridging Programme 02 21-Music For the Millions Concert 03 21-Cultural Music Display 04 21-Positive Sharing 05-21-HKSSF-Tsing-Yi-Area-Athletics-Competition 06 21-Youqing Youth Support Programme 07 21-HKSSF All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Badminton Tournment 08 21-J6 Inter-Class Dodgeball Competition 09 21-74th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Awards Presentation 10 21-73rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival Awards Presentation 11 21-A.S. Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Awards 2021 - 2022 18-01 Bridging Programme 18-02-J-1-STEM-Activities 18-03 Mid Autumn Activity Day 18-04 Library Lessons 18-05 Cub Scout Investiture Ceremony 18-06 Junior Police Call Outing Activity 18-07 Inter-Class Athletic Competition 18-08 General Studies Outing 18-09 HKSSF Football Competition 18-10 HKSSF Athletics Competition 18-11 Extra-Curricular Activities 18-12 Painting Wall 18-13 Halloween Activity Day 18-14 School Teams 18-15 Christmas Tea Party 18-16 Speech Festival 18-17 Chinese Brush Painting Workshop 18-18 Joint Parent-Child Family Tree Design Competition 18-19 Joint Parent-Child Xmas Gift Packing Competition 18-20 Chinese Outings 18-21 Parent-Teacher Association Outing 18-22 Cub Scout Campings 18-23 Picnic 18-24 Red Day 19- Drum n Move Finale Concert 19- Photo- Halloween (31Oct19) 19- Photo- Red Day (21Jan20) 19- Photo- School Picnic (18Oct19) 19- Photo- Xmas Party (20Dec19) 20 - Halloween Activity Day 20-2020-2021-Class-Photos 20-Chinese Inclusive Culture Day 20-Go-Green-Days-(J-5) 20-Halloween Design Competition Winning Artwork 20-Health-Carnival-for-J-1-3 20-HK Green Day 4Jun21 20-Inclusive Training Day Camp 20-J5J6 HPV Talk 20-JPC Photo Booth Frame Design Competition_Photos 20-Noak Ark Musical 20-Protect Egg Program 20-School Visit of EdUHK on 10Nov20 20-Tile Wall Academic Awardee 2019-20 20-YKN Eng Writing Prize-giving Ceremony on 21Nov20

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