Personal & Social Development


  • Understand and manage oneself, cultivate positive values and good character.
  • Help students at different stages of growth, when encountering difficulties, to know how to identify the values involved, make objective analysis and reasonable judgments, and put them into practice to face various challenges in the future.



The Personal and Social Development Team aims to promote students' positive values and character. The team launched a wide range of activities to cultivate students' affection, gratitude, respect for oneself and others, perseverance, and courage to take up responsibilities, which in turn enable students to make contributions to the family, the community, the country and the world.


Program Details:

  • Personal Growth Education

Personal Growth Education courses provide active and interactive life-based and positive thinking learning experiences.  The activities are carried out in a mutual aid and interactive mode, which stimulates students’ ability to explore and self-reflect.  It is led and implemented by the class teachers in the whole school.


  • Smart Kids/Teens

It includes engaging guided activities and are designed to help students develop social-emotional learning skill, and to build their self-esteem and resilience. It combines with the whole school diamond reward scheme, and it enhances the power of positivity in our students.




  • Pupil Ambassador Scheme on Positive Living

Through various training and experiential activities, students are cultivated with positive values so that students can care for themselves and others.  With the joint participation of teachers and students, the school promotes learning activities themed “Active Life” to create a more caring and positive campus atmosphere.


  • “Gratitude, Forgiveness & Happiness” Project

Through diversified school-wide and classroom activities, the Personal and Social Development Team helps students master the concepts and skills of "gratefulness" and "forgiveness" and develop appropriate attitudes, so that students can respond to favours with "gratefulness" and respond to harm with "forgiveness".  Students are able to improve their sense of happiness and create an inclusive and harmonious school culture.