Putonghua / Putonghua Adjusted Curriculum


Teaching Objectives:

  1. Cultivate students' language skills in listening, speaking, and reading, as well as their self-learning abilities.
  2. Enhance students' language knowledge related to Putonghua and their understanding of Chinese culture.
  3. Increase students' interest in learning Putonghua, and foster good learning attitudes and habits.


Key Features of the Curriculum:

  1. J.4 to J.6 are divided into Putonghua Group and Putonghua Adjusted Curriculum (PAC) Group based on their abilities. The Putonghua Group is taught entirely in Putonghua, while the PAC Group incorporates a small amount of Cantonese and English explanations, with school-based worksheets catering to the needs of non-Chinese students.
  2. Classroom instruction focuses on phonetics to develop students' listening and speaking abilities in Putonghua as the primary goal, with additional emphasis on developing reading-aloud skills, pinyin-spelling abilities, and enhancing language and cultural knowledge related to Chinese.
  3. Establish a classroom framework for teaching phonetics, with pre-learning and extended practice to further consolidate students' ability to distinguish the consonants and the vowels of Putonghua.
  4. Utilize various teaching elements in the classroom, such as role-playing, situational teaching, group readings, phonetic games, children's songs, and other activities, to allow students to experience the joy of learning Putonghua.
  5. The school provides iPads to students for borrowing in order to encourage them to self-study through different online learning platforms.