Our school has been developing STREAM education and we aim to enhance students’ abilities and skills through different learning activities. Mathematics plays an important role in the school-based STREAM project “Smart Inventor”. Teachers guide students to apply their knowledge in data handling and make charts or graphs to present their findings and ideas. In addition, computational thinking skills namely decomposition and finding patterns are also commonly applied in Mathematics lessons to guide our students to solve problems.

Concerning learning and teaching, as promote reading to learn is one of the key areas of students’ learning, our school has continuously purchased different Mathematics storybooks. Storytelling has been developed as one of our teaching pedagogies to enhance students’ understanding and motivation. Moreover, Mathematics teachers often use various learning activities in every-day lessons. Students are engaged and they enjoy the activities a lot. Different activities can help students to develop and consolidate their knowledge effectively. As BYOD scheme has been launched to all level of students, different e-learning tools or platforms are frequently used. Teachers and students are well-trained and they can demonstrate good information technology and self- learning skills.