• To encourage students to make use of their strength and develop their intrinsic potential
  • To enhance students’ personal integrity with their personal character and establish good self-image
  • To guide students to be self-regulated, self-disciplined and respectful
  • To assist student to manage individual emotions effectively, so as to fulfill their need for actualization
  • To help students to adapt all kinds of transformations so that they can grow up healthily


Our ultimate goal is to establish a secure and orderly school environment for all school members. We provide different schemes and programs to foster students’ responsibility and build up their good character with positive moral development. Students are guided to develop self-management skills and display socially responsible behaviors at all times. Clear school policy and guidelines are in place to serve such purpose.



The student guidance & discipline service forms an integral part of the whole school system, being closely linked with and coherent with other school components, such as management and organization and learning and teaching. Guidance & Discipline service will be provided for the students in need, such as individual counseling and teacher-parent-student conference. It is only through the intensive collaboration among these systems that schools will be able to effectively implement the student guidance service for the healthy development of students. Our school will communicate and cooperate closely with parents so as to help the students develop positive behavior.


Combine Positive Discipline with Guidance & Discipline:

  • Our goal of combining positive discipline with guidance & discipline is to improve the atmosphere of the entire school so that positive action becomes a lifestyle and not an abstract theory.
  • The Positive Discipline takes a holistic approach, teaching students how and why to avoid negative actions and why positive thoughts, actions, and feelings are so rewarding. Through the positive interaction among teachers and students, it provides a solid basis for developing students’ self-concepts.


Program Details:

  • Sunshine Program

This merit & demerit scheme aims at nurturing self-discipline, helping students know right from wrong, and educating them on the concept of taking responsibilities. Students are expected to actively improve and correct their behavior.


  • Diamond Scheme

The objective of this scheme is to encourage students’ self-regulation and efforts through active participation. Through offering continuous rewards, it is expected to build a sustainable atmosphere and promote a self- responsible culture.


  • Student Award Schemes

To acknowledge students' efforts and outstanding performance in both academic and non-academic areas, various awards will be given to students as encouragement and reinforcement.


  • Leadership Training

Prefects are seniors who possess dedication and commitment to the school’s values. The significance of their duties is service rather than privilege. All prefects should participate on a voluntary basis and cooperate with his or her own teammates, involving students from all grades. They are selected and trained at the beginning of first semester and several prefects are appointed as leaders of the team. Prefects set the standard for fairness and objectivity who recognize the need to intervene and seek guidance in times of crisis. Their goal is to make our school life at welcome, comfortable, secure, and enjoyable one by setting positive examples for all who study in Delia.