In alignment with the school's major concern of learning and teaching, Visual Arts places a special emphasis on developing students' self-learning abilities. This year, the primary focus is on STREAM-related skills, particularly creativity. Students demonstrate a strong inclination to gather pertinent information on various topics and showcase originality in presenting their artworks. They actively engage in Art learning activities and eagerly exchange creative ideas with their peers.

          The revised Visual Arts curriculum has been implemented from J.1 to J.6, providing students with enhanced opportunities to explore artworks created by classical and modern artists. Through the application of self-evaluation form, students can express reflections on their own artwork, further cultivating their abilities in Art appreciation and criticism. To enrich their learning experience, students will also have the opportunity to visit art exhibitions, immersing themselves in the world of Visual Arts.

          To encourage students' creativity and deepen their interest in Visual Arts, a multitude of artworks are displayed throughout the school. This allows students to appreciate the creations of others through peer evaluation activities. The Art Exhibition, held on Parents' Day, has received positive feedback from parents, who admire the artistic talents of our students. Additionally, the collection of students' exhibited artwork is documented in the Exhibition Booklet named ‘Delia ARTivity’.

          In order to maximize students' learning benefits, our teachers will devote themselves to further professional training, ensuring the continuous development of the subject. We strive to create an environment that nurtures students' artistic talents and fosters a lifelong passion for Visual Arts.